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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 13, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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into a report that a black suv was seen speeding from this area. now, here is what we can tell you so far. taking place around 4:00. five people were shot total. all between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. police say one of those victims was killed. another person injured and three more with non-life threatening injuries. this may have been due to a fight, a brawl between two different gangs in different neighborhoods. one in the dwellings neighborhood. and possibly between a long standing dispute that they have had between the huntwood neighborhood that is just north of here. at this point, they say they are looking into all possibling angles and they -- possible angles and looking for more witnesses to come forward. reporting live, brittany morehouse, 9news now and >> all right, tha√°upb for that. and now, other stories making headlines in your only local news at 7:00. family in fear. they called for help, but the cops did not respond for more than an hour.
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and then, a tacker alert. a student attacked with the hammer at a local college. and plus, something he ate. why he was readmitted to the hospital just hours after he was released yesterday. >> reporter: i'm bruce johnson. there he was again, being wield into a press conference at howard university hospital. by his own admission, he summoned the the media so both of them could see and hear for themselves. >> people know about me through you all. >> reporter: doctors say that this trip was due to an allergic reaction to the seafood dinner he ate last night hours after being released from a week stay at the very same hospital. >> all of a sudden, my tong with the swelling. something is not done quickly. and they will die. >> you won't file a complaint with the popular restaurants where he and friends dined last
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night. and his discovery of the seafood allergy comes after the treatment in intensive care for the dehydration and a blood infection. the result of a kidney transplant earlier this year for the 73-year-old former mayor. >> i'm lindsey mastis in washington, a student here at the business school of the campus, and of course attacked with the hammer. >> i was just surprised that it happened inside the bathroom. >> they got an e-mail alert about the attack. those at the school of business are shocked. >> and you definitely think twice when you are thinking about going into a quieter space like our restroom or the study room. >> reporter: they feel safe and they have even noticed more campus police inside the building. >> i'm not very worried. i think that they have pretty good security here. >> reporter: they were sent to the hospital for a laceration on his head, but he has since been released. and now, police, they are hoping that someone will recognize the suspect. he's described as a 20 to 40-year-old man, falls,
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possibly a middle eastern decent, nearly six feet tall with a stocky built. he was carrying a backpack. >> i'm audrey barnes, montgomery police are on the hot seat after a call about a burglary that goes unanswered for more than 70 minutes. >> reporter: it happened last month at this home here in gaithersburg. they woke up to find that their home was ransacked and burglarized. they feared the suspect might still be inside. it took two calls to police and more than an hour before anyone showed up. >> i told my children that the police were coming and they didn't show up. and then the fact that i felt like this was not high enough of a priority. >> reporter: they have launched an internal investigation. >> and in this case, we did receive information in our dispatch center that the home had not been checked. >> reporter: so that call should not have been on hold? >> no, it should not have been. >> reporter: three people are in custody for this burglary and three others. the fire chief makes it
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clear he's the one responsible for the errors made during last week's sprinkler demonstration. they also standby their comment that the event looked like a comedy act as efforts were being made to distingish the flames on three firefighters. as the digital correspondent tells us that the union president doesn't think there's anything funny about the chief's remarks. >> and in that i was personally there. i've got to take responsibility. >> reporter: the chief says the buck stops with him. he should have been more on top of this demonstration to show off the benefits of sprinklers to an audience at that university. >> and it is good that they get the firefighters extinguished. >> the chief says there's no backup line, no safety officers. and no proper briefings. all part of a national standard he held out there. >> i do believe we're one of the best fire departments in the nationment one of the greatest safety records. however, we let our hair down. >> this thing is here. and these guys, they should have
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made sure that we're not putting the firefighters at risk just to put on that show. >> reporter: the firefighters union president says that it is not enough for the chief to say that they take responsibility. he says that his members, they have been disciplined for the similar bad judgment. but the biggest complaint is an interview that the chief gave to a website that like in the same comedy act. >> one of the rooms were hospitalized. on this comedy angle. >> do you regret the words? do you think that they were adequate? >> it still looked like a common act for the firefighters to be fully involved and not have a backup plan. i'm going to standby that. >> he's the chief comedian because he orchestrated that and he narrated it. >> reporter: but the chief says all of it weighs heavily on his mind. >> those are my guys, human, flesh and blood. and the last thing i wanted to see was even a scratch on their bodies. >> reporter: dave statter, 9news now and >> the chief says the department's safety officer is investigating that incident. the union president says he
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wants the city's elected officials to review the performance of his chief and his top staff. in the southeast today, a close call for the park officer. he and his horse came under attack. some 20 dogs that all happened near a stable for the police horses in the park. and that officer fired his weapon into the ground and the dogs scattered before man or beast could be hurt. authorities rounded up the dogs and arrested the dog, walker, who allegedly let the -- and arrested the dog's walker who allegedly let the dogs on the loose. a boy was dropped off an ununfamiliar stop. he's a kindergartner at al exsan tree kwra -- alexandria and dropped off almost a mile off of his home. two older boys found him and took him to an adult. he was reunited with his mom in a little while. it appears that drivers in dc may finally be getting it. do not drive and talk on your hand held phone at the same time. and dc law requiring the
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hands free devices took affect five years ago. issuing more than 25,000 tickets and warnings last year alone. and they say that is finally getting the message through. a new study finds the use of the hand held phones would be 43% higher, if not for the loss. topper is here with the nine forecast here. the day started off very nice. >> very nice. the best day of the week by far, derek. that's actually an understatement. here is your forecast first for tonight. partly chow deskies. still a little breezy and colder. temperatures are in the upper 30s and the suburbs. and winds are out of the north from 10 to 15. after the high of 73. still in the 60s. 63 at nationals. and 61 up in fredericks and manassas. but satellite pictures, radar combined with the clouds this morning, giving way to sunshine. more clouds off to the west. we'll come back and tell you what that means. we'll say this, it'll feel more
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like november and december as opposed to october. that and the full forecast coming up next. meanwhile, the rush hour. >> well, traffic, they are easing up quite a bit. still moving well on the interloop, wisconsin avenue, no temples. you'll see the volunteers on the american legion and no accidents to report, outer loops and the avenue out there to route 1. you can see the backups there as well. and you have six planes in virginia. and you can see how they are tracking the break lights here. no accident as well. heavy out there to route 123 with no incidents reported there. the concert is happening tonight in dc out there at the center. it starts about 7:30 so about 20 minutes from now, they expect some traffic around the 6th, 7th, and 9th street out there. derek, we suspect that metro area will be busy as well. >> indeed. thank you for that. a local family is still alive tonight all thanks to
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their best friend. we'll have the story of the animal hero. and plus, they just looked up. you can see it here talking about the latest exercise designed to keep them all safe.
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welcome back. if you live here in fairfax county, you mite have noticed some helicopters today. it's all part of a joint
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exercise. the exercise is called capitol shield 2010. and it is taking place today and tomorrow at the detention center. the goal is to make sure that the government agencies are prepared just in case. a dog is a hero tonight after alerting their family that their home was on fire. this happened on maples avenue earlier this morning. due to the correspondent, they have the story. >> they feel hurt. really, just trying to break into the doors. >> meet monster, he's the family hero. he's the main reason that aguilar and her children are grateful to be alive. >> that is just one thing. >> nine siblings and the cousins raging from age 3 to 14 inside the home on maples avenue. and they were sound asleep when the vicious fire erupted. but the defendable monster here came to a rescue when they felt the heat from the home. >> yeah, moses. he was breaking down my door.
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>> and two little kids left and he was inside there, trying to carry them out of the house. >> reporter: as the home was consumed in flames, the aguilar family was fortunate to have two warning systems. >> some family members heard the dog first, some heard the smoke alarms first. >> my kids were right next to where that was. if you go inside, my kids would have burned. >> reporter: aguilar tells us that the family has strong suspicion the fire was a direct threat on their lives by a latin gang in the area. >> we have had some threats. >> yeah. >> reporter: the early morning blaze is under investigation and the fire officials have yet to determine the cause. report nine new -- 9news now and the family says they will stay with relatives tonight. one prince george's county volunteered firefighters suffering minor burns to their back and they are treated and
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relaxed. >> the republican and the the candidate for them, they were joined by the area today by most prominent millionaire supporter. black sper tapement reporter, see will johnson -- sheila johnson. apologizing for last week's remarks towards the democrat. about 100 women came out to support mcdonald at the rally in tyson's corner. >> the biggest issues is jobs. he has a very good program and a very good energy policy. >> i don't know how he's going to create more jobs than the democrats have been creating in the last eight years. i just think that they will do a better job at that. >> reporter: the election is just three weeks away from today. welcoming up, you mite think of it as a nationwide yard sale. we'll show you how to swap it and go green at the same time. and plus, topper is back with the full forecast. keep it right here.
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it is like a yard sale without the signs. get something old or something new online. and this is swap it green. it's a national web based yard sale. buy and sell almost fig had you can here. even your favorite gadget. no money to spend. you earn trading points for each items you list and sell. we'll have a link to it on our site. just click on living smart. well, this year's pumpkin crop is a winner at least when it comes to quality. that's according to the virginia agriculture department. and they rate this year's crop good-excellent. there is actually a shortage of pumpkins at the pumpkin patches across the country. some kids may need to settle for a gourd instead of the traditional orange pumpkin. i don't even know what that is. >> yes, they are like long and
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ugly. >> yeah, they are ugly. >> that doesn't do it. >> i think everybody kid will have a pumpkin. >> yes, that is just the jack-o-gourd. >> you cannot eat the gourd seeds either i don't think so. >> i hope that you enjoyed today. >> really? >> yes, 73 today. we'll lose about 20 degrees tomorrow. >> ouch. >> right out of the gates. clouds on the increase tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-50s if we're lucky. slight chance of a shower. rain on thursday. only 50. i'll tell you what, i'm going to redo the forecast. these temperatures are high. 49 with more rain on friday. and now for tonight, partly cloudy, still a bit breezy, colder, upper 30s to upper 40s. wind out of the north at 10 to 15. there are some frost advisories way out. i thought we would pass this along for them and point to the west. and also the freeze warning in effect for the county. not that crazy to have this type of activity, because for crying out loud, their average first frost is that much for the
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first week in september. and you folks out there, out towards there, early on october. and then around maryland, about the 10th. and our northern and western suburbs, the 21st. we're out there for the schedule, not until early november for the immediate dc area and south. so lows tonight, they will be colder. no frost in this area. 39 out there at great falls. low 40s for them at silver springs. and 40 out there and also in upper marl boar -- marlboro. winds are a couple degrees cooler. 61 in i have yes that. -- vienna. go far enough west, you'll find some 50s. the front rows out there at 56. and now for tomorrow, increasing clouds, chilly, 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy and cool. i think primarily south and west of town. high temperatures though, only near 55. satellite pictures and radars combined. the big storm slamming into the west coast causing all kinds of
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problems. here's the snow and the freezing rain in nebraska. pretty cold actually. this is our next system coming out of the tennessee valley. we're in january, again. i'll be licking my chops. it's not, it's october. get ready for the song called november rain. it'll be kind of a cold october rain. all right, the zone forecast. all six zones to the website on low 50s, middleburg, maybe 55 at dale city. clouds on the increase. maybe 54 downtown and 55 anap sis. next seven days, 54 tomorrow. clouds on the increase. and then we're in a groove. not a good groove. rain on thursday. rain on saturday in the 40s. and rain for the redskins in the 50s. we clear up nicely next week. temperatures back in the upper 60s by next tuesday. we've got the bike down here on saturday morning. the skins are in town. >> and then that will be a little damp, right? >> yes. >> and cold too. >> all right, get your gear ready. speaking of halloween, let's
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get to the weird news files. we had a question. if you had to guess. what's the hot halloween mask this year? michael jackson, no. not scary. michael vick? a little scarier. and how about this? a.k.a., the convicted crook who made off with billions in other people's money. it seems like the mass depicting the disgrace criminal are selling like hot cakes more than 15,000 of them out there. it is dubbed that out there for the same reason that they cannot make a topper shutt mass. they need to pay him. >> no matter what they call them, look for your local halloween bash, frightening, expecting michael jackson to outsell them. i guess scary. that is not everything. so they are kind of scary in their own thing. we want to hear what you think, send your e-mails to 9news now will be right back.
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tonight, gays in the military at president obama that wants to get rid of the don't ask don't tell policy. in favor of letting them serve openly. pete from maryland admits he is a bit home phobic. there's a guy at his job. my coworker was out there and he had his back to the dorm. when this gay person in came,
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he remarked, nice behind. they are eating and sleeping and showering together plus months away from the loved ones. i'm surprised they might try something and that would distract me from them at hand. serve, but keep your sexual orientation to yourself. >> i'm thinking that they are haroldly represented out there with the men behaving out there. let's face it, there's plenty of those out there and any orientation. however, walter, who says he served in the military is on your side. what happens next is a gay soldier who will want to sleep together out there and we'll have the men wearing the women's uniforms and the women wearing the mail uniforms instead of fighting the enemy. we'll be fighting for more of what they want to have in the military. okay, the whole uniform thing aside, the issues of the sleeping arrangements come up over and over again. but it is really all about tolerance and acceptance, serving over 22 years in the marine corp. they have always served like
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the rest of us, quietly and with pride. the young people today will accept the gays and lesbians if you were given the choice and all under the same rules of the behavior. the special rules that they would never come. >> okay. and they are okay. that doesn't sound fair. i'll acknowledge, they are a different beast and they have some special rules. but so far, i have not heard a real reason to discriminate against them who acknowledges that they are all serving there. maybe you've got your own reasons. dropping the mail bag, i'll be right back here tonight at 11. along with anita brickman. don't forget, log on any time you like on where we are always on. see you later. bye. when i first saw the new outback
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it looked so different to me. but when i got back from my first trip... ...the look was unmistakable.
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more room for adventure. the all-new subaru outback.
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. >> are you happy with what happened here today, kate? >> jon and kate's courtroom show down. et first with the warring couple. >> is there that much hate there? >> i was inside the courthouse for every dramatic development. >> the judge's press, the missing money, plus christie brinkley after her court battle with her ex. star jones drops a tv bombshell. what she said that's causing a controversy today. >> he's white, he's rich. >> on the record with et today. >> i 100% stand by my comments. and cowgirl oprah calling the news in texas. her first appearance since the sex scandal broke. few "dancing with the stars


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